Stern Pools - ReadyMade Pools :-

Ultimate Backyard Experience

ATLANTIS POOL SOLUTIONS have taken the distribution of AUSTRALIA’S No.1 manufacturer STERN POOLS for India & Middle East with our offices at Mumbai & Dubai.

Stern pools are the best above-ground pools in the market. These Readymade Vinyl Liner pools have made significant inroads and have become a dominant choice. The quality and workmanship that goes into a Stern Pool ensures that you and your family will have years of hassle free enjoyment. And what's more, it is a sensible and economical alternative to concrete pools

Pool Construction:

Stern’s Readymade Pools are manufactured in Australia imported as kits and assembled on site with 5-7 days.

The above pool comprises of galvanized steel channel sections, steel structural supports, powder coated metal pool wall in different shades and design, PE inserts & coping. The 0.5mm thick poly vinyl is leak proof one piece factory made liner.

The vinyl liner is spread over the interior of the pool, covers the floor and paneled walls. It is connected to the top of the panel wall by a vinyl rib at the outside edge of the liner.

Advantages Of Ready Made Pools:

  • 50% Less expensive than concrete pools.
  • Installed in 5 days.
  • Attractive convenient and affordable.
  • No RCC, waterproofing, plastering and tiling required
  • Soft/non porous UV stabilize vinyl liner is not rough on the feel and does not harbour algae, hence, less chemical usage.
  • Low maintenance (Rs.1500 per month)
  • Affordable private pools for Villas, Second Homes, Resorts, Residential Societies, Homestays
  • Includes Filtration system, cleaning accessories, colour changing Lights and Ladders
  • Backed by Stern pro-rata warranty (10 years)
  • Choose from numerous pre-fabricated shapes and sizes to fit in your backyard, installed with minimum civil work.