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FRP Panel Membrane Swimming Pool can be constructed in a very short period from 2-4 weeks time. 100% Water proof – with a performance warranty of over 10 years.Less maintenance as compared to a conventional pool. Pools can be installed at any floor or on roof top.

Swimming Pool Membranes are resistance to Stains, Chloride, Development of Micro Organisms, UV Rays, Bacteria, Etc.

Swimming Pool Membranes are available in various colors & Designs. This pool system is independent of water proofing or tiling. Perfect Systems for existing Leaking Water Bodies, Swimming Pools.


Atlantis Pools is the leading distributor of ATLANTO FLEX reinforced membranes in india. Reinforced membranes are the intelligent alternative to traditional finishes, such as tiles or paint.

Their exclusive lacquer - developed by ATLANTO FLEX - affords outstanding protection against everyday wear and tear and the passage of time. They are easy and quick to install, adapt to any shape and design and are effortless to maintain.

The reinforced membrane system has many advantages:
• The best technical and decorative solution for the construction of swimming pools.
• The only pool finish with guaranteed watertightness.
• The optimum finish for new pools and the renovation of existing ones, including over tile or mosaic.
• Fast and easy installation.
• Adapts to all kinds of shapes and designs.
• Less expensive than traditional pool finishes.